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Refining Your Topic Online

Research Process: In School and Life

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The Role of Primary Research
Sample Model Papers

ANTH 343 (Physical Anthropologist Report)

ARTH 334  (Paper 1 - Film Review)

BEHS 220  (Different Perspectives Assignment w/ Model Paper)

CSIA 301 (Cyber Security APA Research Paper)

CSIA 310 (Case Study #1)

GVPT 101 (Political Philosopher/Theory APA Research Paper)

HIST 337 (Europe's Bloodiest Century)

HMGT 372 (Final Assignment Health Care Analysis) Part 1

HMGT 372 (Final Assignment Health Care Analysis) Part 2

PSYC 332 (APA Research Paper)

PSYC 334 (APA Research Paper)

PSYC 353 (Case Study Analysis)

WRTG 101 (Cause-Effect Research-Supported Essay)

WRTG 101 (Personal Narrative Essay)

WRTG 112 Research-Supported Essay

WRTG 394 (Communication Analysis)

WRTG 394 (Research Essay)

WRTG 394 (The Perfect Resume)

WRTG 433 - 394 (Infographic)