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How To Write a Great Introduction for Your Essay

In this thread we focus on the introduction--one of the most important paragraphs in your entire paper.

Key Points for This Thread
In academic papers, introductions usually have three functions. To:
  1. generate reader interest
  2. narrow focus
  3. present your thesis statement

7 Strategies for Your Introduction

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This video introduced you to seven strategies for writing an effective introduction paragraph, one which captures your reader's interest and introduces the thesis statement. The seven strategies were:
  1. Provide a brief history or factual background of your topic
  2. State the major divisions or main ideas of your paper
  3. Offer an interesting anecdote
  4. Contrast two opposing aspects of a topic and end with the aspect to be discussed in the body
  5. Ask a question to be answered in the body of your paper
  6. Quote an expert
  7. Offer a surprising fact or statistic
Choose one of the seven strategies discussed and use it to write an effective introduction for the project you are currently working on. Be sure to add your paper's thesis as the last sentence of your introduction paragraph. Post your completed introduction to this thread by copying and pasting it into your reply. To facilitate feedback, please avoid posting your intro paragraph as an attachment.